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Find your FIT in Fitness


So you look in the mirror and you begin to do what most do…you look at every imperfection and begin shredding yourself worth to pieces. Next comes the self dialogue and habitual promises you will make yourself. You will say “I have to lose weight STARTING NOW” and then a week goes by and you claim “I am starting on Monday”! For the life of me I can’t understand why and what Monday has done to receive so much credit for being the honorary start day of the week for fitness. I promise you fitness does not discriminate on what day you start. Moreover,  I meaaaaaaannnnnnn it’s MONDAY…the day most people are posting their “I hate Monday” and “Oh Gosh it’s Monday and I have to go to work” so I am left wondering how one will find their “FIT in FITNESS” on a day that they seem to hate so much. By the way I personally love Monday…maybe because…I am alive to see the next day. I digress.

So you think you are ready to join this fitness train?! I think it’s an amazing train to board. However, I must admit there is no one size fits all approach to fitness. There are a million pieces to this fitness world. As stated in my previous blog one must first examine why they desire to get involved with fitness.

When I began my fitness journey I briefly started in 2010 and that particular puzzle piece didn’t fit. I would later began what would be the foundation of my fitness journey in 2013. I was introduced to the trainer Larry (Roc) at The Steel Mill who ultimately helped me lose a total of 69 lbs. (Size 14 to 4). I instantly fell in love with weight-lifting (YEAP….NOPE…lifting weights does not make you manly contrary to popular belief). I would work out with him until 2015…after which I begin working out at L.A. Fitness with friends and eventually on my own. I started taking spin classes, aerobics classes, for a brief time taught groups session with two of my fit sisters. While looking for my new “FIT in FITNESS” I decided to take a hiatus. After returning, I realized that my new fit in fitness is working out on my own at times, taking a class here and there. I like researching new ways to work out and incorporating fitness regimens that don’t always feel like I am “working out”.

Again, there is no one size fits all to fitness. When looking for your “Fit in Fitness” I suggest you cover a few questions. Surround yourself with people who genuinely have a connection with fitness. Also, don’t be afraid to research and try new things. Understand that everything you try will not be for you and know it’s okay.

Some questions to ask yourself when looking to find your “Fit in Fitness”

  • Do I need a trainer or am I discipline to workout on my own…
  • Do I need an accountability partner…
  • Do I like being outdoors or inside…
  • Do I like franchise gyms or do I require a smaller gym environment…
  • Do I need variety in my workouts…
  • How often do I need to workout…
  • What are some things that will motivate you…
  • Will keeping a fitness planner/journal/tracker benefit you (I will introduce this soon)

Until next time….Journal…Jot…and keep Jiving

5 thoughts on “Find your FIT in Fitness

  1. Yessss!!! This is so true… I definitely have a hard time working out at home… I have to get away from my comfort zone so outdoors or a gym works best for me.

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