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Insult vs Inspire…You can do both but just not simultaneously…I should know…(5 min read)

I have been missing lately as far as blogging. Somewhere around 2 weeks. My writer’s block has been super profound. I have had a few of my accountability friends say “Have you written a blog post”? Each time all I could say is “naaaahhhhhh….not yet” Throughout my mini hiatus, I begin reflecting, scrolling through FB getting uber annoyed…as I am aware I may equally annoy people), and just handling day to day task.

One day I was talking with a friend as we always take a moment to reflect on where we are and where we have come from as well as the transitions we are making. I begin to tell her “Aye, I really appreciate you for checking me in the past and telling me to redirect (even tho I didn’t listen right away)…I know I was huge on negative post…random outburst (I am not allllllllllllll the way healed  just yet…lol but I am 95.5% there) and just post that positioned me to be seen in a negative light”! I further began to discuss how I have years of being accepted as a negative Nancy and broken. Now as I am moving into maturation many still view me as the “Ole Adrian”…I couldn’t help but think how even though we holler i-dont-care“Iooooonnnnnn give a f**k wheeeeettttt nobody thaaaaannnnnk…it’s my page…I pay the bill…why you looking tho” it STILL MATTERS. Now please don’t misunderstand and assume that I think I am perfect…because I am far from such. However, I am at a place in my life where constant negativety makes my flesh crawl. There are so many beautiful people that I see belittling themselves to be accepted all for a freaking like or simply because being positive isn’t what’s in…being Petty wins. We are all destined to have negative moments…because that’s life. It’s just what we choose to do with those moments. Lately, I have been pushing “Journal Jot and Jive” and I must be honest, it’s the negative post that I see quite often that push me to redirect the way my page is positioned. In pushing a platform, I reflected on how my past still plays a part on my progression. I am slowly learning to use my mishaps as a platform!

My current position is to inspire vs. insult! We have so many other things going on in life that a sprinkle of positive vibes aren’t so bad. The past two weeks I found myself rolling my eyes as some post came across my screen. I one day woke up and said “Why do you feel obligated to follow or have people’s post pop in your feed and affect your vibe”? It was at this moment I took my own advice and said “YOU HAVE OPTIONS” I realize many will roll their eyes…continue to follow my page (because I am kinda magnetic and just have that spark)…and many will still look at me as the old Adrian ( I encourage you to accept

change is possible)…but I am definitely in charge of allowing daily insults or daily inspiration to cross my screen…as you are too. Choose  YOU FIRST!

As I rumble through 35 I look forward to the continual growth and peace I have been constantly praying for!

Disclaimer: I wholeheartedly encourage anyone…friend or foe to un-follow my social media post and or FB, IG, or any social media platforms if my journey bothers you…causes you to roll your eyes…or possibly makes you nauseous. I would respect and understand on so many levels.


Journal…Jot…and Jive


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