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Unpack…You’ve found our new location!

Hi! You’ve arrived! If you are reading this and you have traveled over from the former  Journal Jot and Jive Facebook page or any of my other FB platforms ….HEEEEEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! This simply means you benefited from the Facebook page and didn’t want to miss out on anything Journal Jot and Jive has to offer! I will still post journal prompts on this page so no fret (there’s a tab specifically for that).

I am over ecstatic that you are here. I have worked dilegently to ensure that this site has more than the initial Facebook group could offer as well aligns with my overall objective and brand. I am still unpacking a few things as well and decorating some rooms (pages)! I have created a space where you can read tips and ideas as well as additional items located in specified categories. Basically a one stop shop for some! 

On this blog you will be privy to a variety of information and actual digital journal entries of mine that relate to journals, planners, fitness, and more!

Take a stroll around our new location and don’t forget to follow the blog…like…share and comment if you see fit! Also there are a few blog posts. 
Disclaimer: I am not the most grammatically inclined person and I’d like to say I’d apologize for it….but I won’t. I will say from time to time I will go back and make corrections…but if you see a blooper I hope you can make it through!🤗

Remember we are relocating and decorating our new home will have some changes from time to time!


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