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It’s been a minute since I’ve released a prompt! Yesterday was Mother’s Day! There are so many emotions that can be felt on that day! While some of us are still afforded the opportunities to have our mom’s or be a mom. Others have experienced a loss in different realms of motherhood! Whether the loss of a mom, child, pregnancy, gramdmother, or maternal figure (two of which I am grossly familiar with) self expression is a very healthy tool when used correctly.

My goal is to teach people to journal all aspects of life’s journey! “The great…the good…and the not so good”
PROMPT: How did you spend 5-14-17? Be truthful in your entry! If you were Happy, neutral, sad, angry, indifferent, elated, etc. Make your pages sing your truth!!!

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3 thoughts on “Monday – WRITE IT OUT

  1. This is a great prompt. Mother’s Day can be hard for many due to of a loss of a mother, child, etc. We lost my grandmother almost three years ago so it’s still hard. I just spent the day trying to cheer my mom up.

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